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Zodiac Signs. Language Selection:. Let them know about your hobbies, dreams, and aspirations. Libra loves to keep things as informal as possible in the office. Handle their detail-oriented stuff. A Libra will love you if you offer to manage his or her spreadsheets. Indulge in some gossip. Sure, it's tricky to gossip at work, but letting your Libra boss in on some harmless intel "Did you know that Jim in accounting moonlights in a rock band on weekends?

Take initiative. Giving yourself your own projects that go outside the scope of your day-to-day routine will impress Libra.

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Be playful. Jokes and a light office environment go a long way toward making your Libra boss happy. For Librans, doing well means being surrounded by great people who inspire and challenge them daily. That's why this sign may forego a large paycheck to work in a field where they're constantly surrounded by people.

For Libra, friends are like family and coworkers are friends—and it's the best of all worlds when Libra works with family or friends. That might look like becoming an entrepreneur and hiring people they know, or maybe working remotely to allow a seamless balance of work and home life.

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Even though Libra loves nice things, he or she considers that the icing on the cake, and will make all career and financial decisions based on overall quality of life. Although western astrology characterizes Libra by the inanimate Scales, this sign is most closely connected to the raven.

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This big black bird gets a bad rap in horror movies, but ravens are actually friendly, resourceful, and intelligent. Connecting to this creature can help Libra fully connect to his or her true self. Here's how to access that inner corvid:. Socially engage. Libras are naturally social, but a bad mood will force them into retreat. Pushing themselves to connect, even when they don't feel like it, can draw them out of a funk. Count those blessings.

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  • Libras often think that life will be perfect once they achieve a certain goal or milestone. But just like the resourceful raven, looking around and taking stock of what they have right now can help them appreciate their life even more fully. Although ravens are known for their squawks, they will actually sing to their mates and offspring.