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You seem to be at one with the world at the moment — and the world is pretty fond of you too. If something wonderful does not happen today it can only be because you are not trying hard enough. Someone, somewhere wants to be your friend and do things for you — and could even help make you money — so why not just let them? A fantastic Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your sign makes this one of the best days of the year for you.

If you approach life with an open heart and an inquisitive mind you will discover something that brings a joy that lasts forever. If your head tells you one thing today but your heart tells you something different it is your heart you must listen to. Not everything in life can be explained rationally, so have faith that your inner self knows what it is doing and let it guide you. You know that what you are doing is right, even if a great many people say it is wrong, so carry on with it and trust that it will all come good in the end.

The universe confirms that you are on the right track — so keep going!

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The more of an effort you make to be nice to people you work with today the more they will do for you in return. Someone you have always considered to be a rival, maybe even an enemy, will surprise you with their friendly attitude. Discover more about yourself at sallybrompton. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way.

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ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Log in Register. Sally Brompton. Special to The Globe and Mail. Published January 22, Updated December 27, Comments Please log in to bookmark this story. Log In Create Free Account. Expect to host some gatherings or welcome a new member to the family maybe even a pet. Travel with or to see family is favoured. Make some sweet memories! Power Moon in Virgo — Friday, August 30, am Pacific On this day the Sun and Moon are aligned in your sign making it a highly potent time to ask the universe for what you want.

Libra Sept. The buying or selling of real estate is prominent in your chart this year. Conversely, you might be putting a good deal of energy into home renovations or redecorating projects. Stimulating conversations and novel experiences keep you entertained. Communications with partners are greatly improved now. Existing relationships benefit from honest conversations and heartfelt discussions. You will feel free this year to express your true feelings about what you want.

Power Moon in Libra — Saturday, September 28, am Pacific On this day, the Sun and Moon are aligned in your sign making it a highly potent time to ask the universe for what you want.

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Scorpio Oct. This year you will spread your wings even if just a little bit. Take a class, join a book club or teach yourself a language! You might find yourself in a position of teaching or sharing more as well. As your social milieu begins to shift over the next few years, you will find yourself relocating to a new home.

Think of this time as urban adventuring.

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Fortunately, lucky Jupiter is moving through your second house of earnings and possessions making it easier to fund your passion projects! You are likely to feel more valued for your efforts and this leads to a greater sense of fulfillment. Power Moon in Scorpio — Sunday, October 27, pm Pacific On this day, the Sun and Moon are aligned in your sign making it a highly potent time to ask the universe for what you want. Sagittarius Nov. Job changes and exciting new opportunities are on the rise, Sagittarius.

Saturn is making its way through your second house of earnings and resources and your pocketbook might be pinched a bit! This restriction pushes you to get clear on your core values. Often our material possessions reflect what we value on a psychological level. This can be a handy way to take a review — look around and consider what comforts really make a difference to your wellbeing. As Jupiter continues its transit through Sagittarius, you can expect your popularity to increase!

Be sure to get some free time to play. Family, friends, coworkers, and even superiors are more available to assist you. This is an excellent time to champion an idea or get others on board with your vision. Lady Luck is on your side! As your personal values are further clarified, your confidence deepens and your personal relationships can benefit greatly.

Single Sagittarius may well meet a worthy companion this year! Power Moon in Sagittarius — Tuesday, November 26, am Pacific On this day, the Sun and Moon are aligned in your sign making it a highly potent time to ask the universe for what you want. January 2, 3, 4, 29, 30 February 26, 27 March 25, 26 April 21, 22, 23 May 19, 20 June 15, 16, 17 July 12, 13, 14 August 9, 10 September 5, 6 October 2, 3, 4, 30, 31 November 26, 27 December 23, 24, Capricorn Dec.

Saturn has been in your sign since the end of and will remain there through This can be a time when important life choices are made. You might be pushed to make hard decisions, but in your heart of hearts, you will know the right step to take. Its imperative that you listen to your inner code and do right by those who stand with you.


On a softer note, as Jupiter moves through your twelfth house you can easily let go of limiting situations that have held you back. Restorative activities are a must as you improve your wellbeing. Be sure to carve out the time you need to get extra rest, go inward or meditate. You want to be clear-headed when you reach the finish line.


Power Moon in Capricorn — Saturday, January 5, pm Pacific Power Moon in Capricorn — Wednesday, December 25, pm Pacific On this day, the Sun and Moon are aligned in your sign making it a highly potent time to ask the universe for what you want. Aquarius Jan. This cycle of renewal has been in effect since and continues into Think of it as an inner housecleaning, sweeping away the rubble of an old self as you reclaim the beauty of your true self. As one of the most social signs, be sure to balance yourself with good people who allow you the space to speculate.

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You have the opportunity to clear away the obstacles that have prevented you from achieving what you want. Friendships that encourage you to manifest your potentials are not only supportive, but they help elevate your mindset.

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New connections are possible! You can benefit from team experiences and group endeavours. Power Moon in Aquarius — Monday, February 4, pm Pacific On this day the Sun and Moon are aligned in your sign making it a highly potent time to ask the universe for what you want. Pisces Feb. As you navigate your way through the coming year, think about the web of social ties that surround you.

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Saturn continues to activate your eleventh house of friendship, longterm goals and tribal ties, Pisces. Take stock of the positive connections in your life and be sure to make space for the good ones to grow. This is a hot time to market yourself and promote your product or service. Others are more than happy to jump on board with your vision and champion your ideas.