Eclipse 25 december 2019 astrology

Expect fast developments!

Eclipses open portals for major consciousness shifts. They shake things loose in one area of your life, helping you see things more clearly and make changes. Are your goals always just beyond your reach? Your thinking, beliefs and expectations influence your behaviour, which in turn brings about certain results.

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But, change your perception and you change everything! Eclipses have the power to do just that. And as you think and feel different, your behaviour also changes bringing different experiences in your life.

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Change is coming! The eclipses are moving into Cancer and Capricorn in tracking the lunar nodes in those star signs. Just in time for the powerful fresh start that comes this July and August!

Annular Solar Eclipse of 26 Dec, AD | The Classical Astrologer

Time to reconnect with your roots and align with your true goals! This is a solar eclipse, bringing a new beginning and touching an area of your life where changes are long overdue. This eclipse is inspired because the Sun and Moon are sextile to Neptune in Pisces, opening a portal through which you can pour your love and creativity into the world. Start building your dream! Begin working on what inspires you once the holidays are over, after January 6 th.

You have all the way till July 16 th to see your hard work pay off! This is fantastic eclipse for bringing your love life to the next level, as it is for creative self-expression and inspired business projects!


Plus it is square shocker Uranus in Aries so, expect dramatic twists and sudden developments! It moves things along in quantum leaps and you can expect to experience such a leap in January - a breakthrough!

What Do Eclipses Mean in Astrology?

Eclipses always bring timetables forward and this one could be a game-changer. Take it easy on the day of the eclipse itself as you may be feeling more anxious than usual.

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Opportunity knocks! You can catch the full blood-red moon both on the North and South American continent.

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Only a partial eclipse is visible in parts of Europe, Africa and the Near East. A total solar eclipse wipes the slate clean in some area of your life and creates space for something new. This is a friendly eclipse in many ways, as it is sextile Uranus and trine Neptune, bringing romance and inspiration your way. Still, this is a productive combination. They are there to keep you in check as you experiment, and push you to make the most of the opportunities coming your way!

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One secret to making the most of this eclipse is to look for a more objective point of view. How We Are Being Affected?

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In my last blog I gave an overview of the three conjunctions between Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter that announce new beginnings for all of us in Forthcoming Book on the Astrology of I am currently writing a book on the astrological events in and their implications, which will be available in early December We are already feeling rumblings of profound changes.

As the light of the full moon disappears at the eclipse, and we adjust to the silent darkness, we can get in touch with emotions begging for attention and recognize habitual patterns that have previously escaped our awareness. Today, July 3rd, is my 75th birthday. Mother Moon attunes us to deep feelings, illuminates our instinctual nature, and acknowledges our natural human sensitivity to being judged, criticized, blamed, and shamed.