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You may exhaust yourself when trying to break the rules that you know need to change. If it's not working here, things might be pushing you to find another location or situation to go to. It's okay to quit at times. Sometimes throwing in the towel is actually a win. Virgo, temptation is not foreign to anyone. When you feel like you're starting to give in when you want to push a vice away, run. You don't have to ruin a diet, give in to a friendship that you feel is toxic, or do something you know isn't right for you. It isn't always easy or simple, but it is possible.

Libra, you learn from your emotional experiences. Being a student of human nature can give you pause today as you learn to understand your own complexities. Your feelings can be a guide or a thorn in the side today. Whichever way your emotions take you, learn from how you feel. Scorpio, you may be inclined to put yourself first after a period of self-sacrifice that seems to do you no favors. If others don't show appreciation for your time and energy, you can make a final decision to simply withdraw yourself and reclaim your power.

Sagittarius, you finally figure something that had you stumped out. Your eureka moment can be wondrous and helpful for you today. What a relief to know what it was that you could not figure out before. Jupiter was transiting Cancer and aspecting Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. At times, you could be low while the very next moment it could be overwhelming. A person with the Moon in Pisces will express their feelings fluidly and sensitively.

But with Jupiter perched at the top of your solar chart until December, if you have ambitions and desires, please get behind them. The planets tend to excessive emotionalism, which you may have a hard time dealing with. They are receivers. North Node in Pisces: Psychic abilities are to be developed in this lifetime, if there are at least three other psychic indicators excluding squares and oppositions to Neptune and Uranus in chart to support it.

Pisces Birth Angels by Zodiac Degree If a person has a planet in their natal chart like the sun at 3 degrees of Pisces this will be in the first decanate, each sign has 30 degrees which is divided into 10 degrees called decanates or decans and there are 3 decanates to a sign. Uranus opposes your second house of finances so this can bring about a time when there might be some financial obligations or every time you make more money you will have to spend it. I asked the psychic her sign, and of course it was Pisces, though most water signs have these abilities. Pisces and Virgo are both Mutable Signs, so the initial effects on the collective will be less stressful than the opposition in mid-August in the Cardinal Signs, Aries and Libra.

Saturn and Capricorn. The sap is rising and it has bags of potential. Chiron in Pisces sprinkles healing faery dust on us all from April until April They may find a need for religion, as it gives them structure and security.

Saturn in Pisces can turn their sensitivity into a positive thing. Very powerful indeed. In other words, all objects 'out to Saturn' are those we consciously "operate. Saturn's influence in vocation is rather malleable and the exact direction it takes is more influenceable by the other planets, Saturn just makes it more serious, professional, focussed and ambitious.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces is ideal for soul searching, digging into shadow work, or getting a past life reading. The world is an experience not a race. With Saturn in Pisces the planet lies in the last of the Water signs and indeed the last of all the signs. So its placement in another negative house will bring good fortune.

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Your ego can be dissolved into the mass consciousness under the Neptunian influence. Sun in Pisces Aquarius Rising. Pisces is a water sign that is known for intuition and psychic power so some of us may get very vivid dreams; dreams that could be prophetic and predictive so the next couple of days would be the perfect time to keep a dream journal.

Jupiter and Saturn are the great rulers of time. Two major ingresses occurred during the Saturn in Capricorn transit, and both colour the historic year of - Chiron left Pisces for Aries on April 16, for a transit that lasts until April 14, , and almost simultaneously, Uranus left Aries for Taurus on May 15, for a transit that lasts until April 26, You could discover your best interests were considered in ways you were oblivious to.

Pisces You will work very hard to cover up your depression and try to overcome it. In the right relationship, their sexuality will blossom and become something of an art form, especially as they get a little older, more experienced and more confident. Pisces is the Zodiac Sign symbolized by the Two Fish, swimming in opposite directions.

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Chiron in Pisces. Both Pisces and Leo also have a lot to offer each other. As both planets move closer together over the next six months, economies throughout the world will be under great pressure due to tariffs and trade embargoes.

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Saturn will bless the native with good education and knowledge. Pisces is the most mystically inclined of all the Signs and Pisceans are seen as dreamy, gentle, creative and intuitive and slightly hypnotic creatures. July is playtime for you, Pisces!

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UttaraBhadrapada, consist of two bright stars, Pegasus, and Andromeda. There will be psychic vampires who want to suck the energy out of people. Mercury in Pisces is a switch board. Uranus was in Pisces from April through March awakening intuition, imagination, fantasy, mysticism, and radical changes in beliefs, religion, and morals.

July 8 through December 12, Seek out people and share ideas. The Moon is a feminine planet and women feel it in their. The retrograde is an optical illusion but its energetic effects are very real and affect us profoundly on a spiritual level. While often indirect in their communications, they can improve if they work at it. Pisces, you seen to have a dual nature in life.

They are idealistic but sometimes live in a world of dreams, they are also very sensitive but hard-headed. Preincubation, the future events in the dream to see a great extent. So get comfortable on the magic carpet. Due to the association with 12th house, such natives tend to progress towards spiritual liberation. They can be artistic, spiritual or psychic. Transits are the timing mechanism of astrology. Chiron Retrograde. Can be immature because the childhood maturation was suppressed or even aborted. They can be pragmatic, compassionate, spiritual, psychic, or artistic.

The Full Moon itself was in the first decan of Pisces conjunct the fixed star Fomalhaut, but Luna was in almost exact aspect to Saturn and Uranus, which harmed her significations and put a damper on an otherwise excellent election. This individual will be h5er than all the Pisces who are born under other Decans.

There is a powerful binding and it tends to overshadow and swallow our greater spiritual self.


Sixty-one percent of psychics have a masculine sign on the Midheaven Air or Fire. Influential dreamer, artist, psychic. Capricorns' friends would say that Capricorns can be pessimistic at times,. Upon a firm understanding of the study, you will have completed the final step of our Four Part Study to Mastering your Saturn Return!. This conjunction will mainly affect the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

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And Pisces, we know your intentions are pure. Get Instant Access Premium Members of jessicaadams. If you do not know your ascendant fill in the request on the free chart page and I will send your astrology chart to you and that will tell you which signs your planets are in. Forty Seven percent have an outer planet in the eighth house. Saturn and Jupiter are in favorable positions and they will ensure that in , the Pisces natives have no health issues.

Below you will find a comprehensive analysis of the Saturn in Pisces natal placement. But no phobias. Finish old business and projects. Saturn Pisces people are serious about things like spirituality, the imagination and living a compassionate life. But as their love for one another grows, they are more likely to be able to satisfy the philosophical cravings of the other and maintain a healthy relationship. Sagittarius is outgoing and versatile, and in a relationship with Pisces often comes to the defense of their gentler partner.

Pisces, in turn, gives Sagittarius subtle understanding and a place to escape from their tireless endeavors.

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Pisces is a Sign that, like Water, adapts easily to its surroundings; Pisces tends to focus much energy on understanding and sympathizing with their partner. Sagittarius and Pisces are both ruled by the Planet Jupiter. Pisces is also ruled by Neptune. Jupiter brings exploration and outreach to both Signs. Pisces is concerned with this aspect in an abstract sense; they often find themselves trying to save the world perhaps in the form of recycling or environmentalism. Sagittarius, on the other hand, prefers to broaden their horizons through academics.

Sagittarius can help Pisces plant its feet on the ground. These two elements can form a great couple if they give in a little, using innate understanding of situations and people to get matters resolved. Pisces can offer Sagittarius direction and help them learn to be gentler, while Sagittarius teaches Pisces to go out and explore the world.