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You might feel like your love life is out of control today. You could be surprised by something that your partner says. Or you might find that the two of you have very different goals right now.

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You can make things work, but you might need time to adjust to this discovery about each other. If you're single, you could be tired of the dating scene. Don't give up on finding the right person.

Libra Horoscope

Sooner or later, you will! There could be some restructuring going on in your workplace or neighborhood. It may be a bit of a stressful time for you as you are getting used to new staff members or neighbors. But today you should feel that things are starting to come together better.

Libra: Your daily horoscope - October 09

Maybe you will have a good conversation with a new member of your entourage. You could build a friendship that can help you lighten up during those tougher moments. Today you will have to do something that is related to signing a contract or making a payment for some kind of training. In other words, you will be making a concrete commitment in your professional life that is financial in nature. No, you are not making an error.

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Don't be afraid that you are getting into something that you shouldn't. You are changing and your daily life is simply following along, that's all. Instead of dragging on with something old, tired, and worn out, why not consider starting something new? If you refuse to give up on something that you know is doomed to fail, you will be in for a long frustrating road ahead of you. You will find that this is especially true of anything involving music, beauty, creativity, and the arts. Redirect your energy towards something new and more promising.

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  • Watch for feelings of inferiority. It's possible that you live in an area where your neighbors are overly judgmental, and base their opinions of you on how well you fit the mold.


    Learn more about the Virgo-Libra Cusp at Tarot. Here we go again! Today, April 21, , marks the fifth exact Uranus-Pluto square in a series of seven stressful squares taking place from But this time there's more! This particular Uranus-Pluto square is part of a Cardinal Grand Pluto is such a misunderstood planet.


    But I get it now. Watch your mouths today, friends! Communication planet Mercury is heading into fiery Aries from April , , and it's quite possible that we'll be thinking and speaking so fast during this time that we'll make a few flubs. Mercury in Happy Astrological New Year!