Pisces born on january 26 horoscope

Use this downtime to envision your next move while leaving the action for later.

Jesus, take the wheel: with Neptune long present in the part of your chart dedicated to spiritual sustenance, you may have found yourself sinking further and further into the cushiony embrace of a higher power, Cancer. What — or who — that higher power is matters very little. Perhaps disappointingly, all roads really do lead to Rome, which in turn means that not one road is inherently special.


With that in mind, enjoy the ride: seek high and low, far and wide. Open yourself wholly to the experience of merging into the great unknown. Inevitably, when things are combined, something is lost. With Neptune transiting your eighth house of shared resources, this may feel particularly pertinent to you right about now. Fears of loss may loom large, clouding your mind with end-of-times visions; promised inheritances, and well-intentioned investments may wither on the vine. The benefit? Locating a deeper, more profound column of strength within, that depends on nothing and no one except yourself, Leo.

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As Neptune retrogrades in Pisces, take heart that this process is unfolding as it should. Hosting Neptune in your seventh house may have been a discomfiting match for ultra-pragmatic, grounded Virgos, whose talents for discernment are usually second to none. With Neptune transiting Pisces, the sign opposite yours, however, you may have had to reconcile on more than occasion that your normally precise judgment has landed you in murky waters. Classically, Neptune in the seventh house can create dizzying love affairs and business partnerships, too which end when our sacred other is exposed as a sham.

Maybe this indiscretion included betrayal or deception; maybe it amounted to no more than realizing our own projections were keeping us from seeing others as they truly are.

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As it stands, Virgo is quite often to play the role of helpful beta, submitting itself to serve the greater good; these Neptune transits, including the Neptune retrogrades in Pisces, are goading you into seeing that while your assistance is always appreciated, your self-sacrifice is not at all necessary. Neptune transiting the sixth house may be one of the more challenging placements: as this house holds health challenges, and Neptune confuses, you may have faced significant setbacks in vitality for which you have failed to find definitive diagnosis or treatment.

Strange irritations and inflammations may have taken hold, leading you down a nebulous path towards rehabilitation, Libra.

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If Neptune has been kind enough to leave your body alone, however, it may have sent waves of workload your way instead. Much of this work could have kept you toiling away past all sensible limitations, at times making it hard for you to distinguish yourself from the work you do.

This may have led to confusion between service and servitude; the former requires only good intention while the latter demands forfeiting your personal needs for that of your employer, project, or team. Disappointments may have also occurred with colleagues, subordinates, and even house pets, all of which are secondary significations of the sixth house. During the Neptune retrogrades, some of the relative fog surrounding confusions at work and wellness may lift just enough for you to get a little perspective.

As infatuation fades and reality seeps in, as it tends to do, romances formed under the slippery auspices of rose-colored glasses tend to stumble and fall, leaving both parties disillusioned. Was it love, or just confusion, Scorpio? Romantic suffering is not the only contest you face: with Neptune transiting the fifth house, you may be a creative martyr in the making, sacrificing all for your art; since the fifth house also includes children, the same pattern of self-immolation may involve your role as a parent. Aim to elucidate as best you can the boundary between pleasure and excess throughout the Neptune retrogrades in Pisces, and attempt to find a healthy middle ground between the two.

Fill a house with love, the old axiom goes, and then it becomes a home.

Pisces Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

As a Sagittarius, that statement may not entirely resonate, what with your natural penchant for wanderlust and freedom; you may be more inclined to muse that home is where the heart is a location which might change daily for you. Some may find themselves ruminating anew on family woes long past, while others sift through current melodramas; in both scenarios, you are likely to find yourself disenchanted with the gap between expectation and reality in your home life.

If this seems harsh, it is, but it is also a journey worth its weight in gold: only when faced with bitter disappointments do we learn what it means to love ourselves and others unconditionally. The Neptune retrogrades in Pisces will be particularly useful for returning to your stories of origin to adjudicate what was real, and what was merely wishful thinking. Primarily, the third house relates to writing and communicating; positively, Neptune can help open us to preternatural levels of creativity, drenching our spoken and written words with palpable sentiment.

The third house also embodies other topics, however, which may have been less fanciful.

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Traditionally, the third house encompasses siblings and family member just beyond our immediate family, as well as our neighborhood and short-distance travel. At worst, we may have discovered that our siblings have hidden agendas; other possibilities include a failure to erect appropriate boundaries with the same. The remaining Capricorns will benefit just as nicely by actively letting go of fantasy and leaning into healing. It seems you may have been busily building sandcastles in the air these past few years, dear Aquarius.

This imaginative output is part of your modus operandi: inventive and future-focused, you approach every project with more than a nod of Promethean purposefulness, studying every angle and rebuilding things anew — and always for the best.

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Say thank you for favors received. And save time for some private affection because love is looking for you!

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